Earn Boost for Need for Speed : World

Get Boost for free!

First thing you need to do is Signup at this Page : http://www.prizerebel.com.
You dont need to fill in too personal Information! Heres a preview from the Signup page

Go to “Get Points” then “Daily Offers” and do the CPC offers. They are Paid to click.

You also can do other free Offers , but i prefer them , because u dont have to signup on Sites..

Once u got 5 Points go to “Prize” Section ..

At the first page , you can reedem a Wallie card.. Do this!

Wait 1-3 Days.. then your Prize gets approved.

Once its approved , The code appears on the “Prize ” –> ” Prize Claims ” Section!

To reedem , go to http://www.world.needforspeed.com

Click on  “Get more”and choose Wallie-Card as payment!

Enter the Wallie-Card Code!

Your done ! Its so simple and easy to get them for free!!

Thank you for reading this post!


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